Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Knot Magazine

I did a set of illustrations for a fashion journalism student from another uni back in March this year. I was asked to illustrate preppy 'Ivy League' university clothing (particularly knitwear clothing) and model them with my own characters.

I had fun with this little project on the side whilst I was doing my Final Major Project a few months back. The first 3 images are the final illustrations and the pictures after that are them in context of the magazine. It was something completely different to what I usually do, but it was worth trying out. 

More details about the magazine on: (Creator/ founder of the magazine: Francesca Rose) Check it out!

Monday, 17 July 2017

New Graduate

Wow, never thought I would reach this point but I have finally graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth! I am now a proud owner of a bachelors degree in Illustration, with first class honours! 

(...and I know, long time no blog)

3 years of my degree finished and now I have to find my own ground in the world. They say it's an exciting time, but it's such a scary time for me as well; I have no idea what will happen. Even if it takes a few years to reach my dream job, for the moment, I hope to just keep making new art that excites and challenges me. 

Anyway, here's some recent (ish) work that I've made:

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Thursday, 4 May 2017

New Website

I finally have my own website!  

I've only got a few selected pieces on there, but I hope to update it with more projects down the line.

Here's the link:

Finished Book

The last project at AUB finished! 3 years of my degree has now come to an end. Here's a peak at the printed and bound book. Overall I feel proud that I managed to get this done, but as always, can see the mistakes behind it.

Knowing that I won't have uni work to do anymore, I can't wait to start drawing for fun again. As much as I like turtles, I don't think I'll be drawing them for a while, though...

City Development

This part in my book took the longest for me to develop, and I found it really difficult to draw a city landscape. It took me numerous times on Photoshop before I decided on a final one (shown above). I couldn't quite grasp the right perspective- hence all those unfinished spreads! 

With the 2 previous spreads before this scene, my illustrations seem rounded and soft, and when it came to doing the rough edges of the buildings I felt uncomfortable- maybe this translated through the work. But lesson learnt, either the urban setting isn't for me to draw, or I just need to practice with this environment.