Friday, 28 June 2013

My Hand Made Cards

This is going to be a short post, but I thought I would show all you some of the hand made cards I have produced so far. I will also display the some of the inspiration behind them (which I found on Pinterest).

When I finished my A- Levels I thought I would say thank you to my teachers for inspiring me to be creative. I had so much fun at the Art Department.
(Collage- mainly drew my own illustrations and
used different materials)

This was for my friend Sami that I made for her 18th. She likes a lot of things but in the end I went with the Dr. Who theme, seeing as she's a big fan. 
(Hand painted using acrylics)

(Inspiration from Pinterest- Original source: 

This is for my Mum. I just had to say thank you for all the things that she (and my Dad) have done for me and my brothers. 
(Card/ Pen)

(Inspiration from Pinterest- Original source:

When I make cards, I do it because I love giving back to people. The reward is seeing their reaction and this makes me happy. I try my best to do things from the heart and I hope I can continue to do this with my work, especially through drawing.