Monday, 29 July 2013


Dear Readers,

I am finally here in the Philippines! I have been meaning to blog after a couple of days when we arrived but I was just catching up with family, and also getting used to the time here...jet lag sucks! Plus, the internet is not so consistent here compared to the UK. Luckily, at my cousin Reinmar's house they have a good connection so I can finally blog and share what I have been up to.

I will start from the UK and show the journey I have been through to get to the Philippines, and also some of  the adventures I have been on since the arrival.  

Here is a picture of all my stuffs ready for the big adventure. It wouldn't be a holiday if I didn't bring my art utensils!

This is just hilarious. I have a mind of a 6 year old, and so my mind always wonders. Whenever something catches my attention I go to it.

I drew this as we were about to take-off. Around it are some words that came to my head.
Only a rough biro sketch.

I left this for the friendly people from Singapore Airlines. I hid it under the blanket on my seat, I hope they found it. It was a 14 hour flight. Plus there was another 3/4 hours flight to get from Singapore to Manila.

Me with a cute bunny. That toy store was just so lovely, I wished I could have stayed there for a bit longer. (Stop-over in Singapore)

We had a stop over in Singapore for 4 hours before we arrived in the Philippines. Whilst we were waiting I found the most cutest area, displaying Asian ceramics and culture. I just had to doodle! Plus, I did learn a few facts. 

Finally me, my Mum and two brothers have arrived!

Mabuhay! It means Welcome in Tagalog.

Re-united with my cousins Ate Micah and Ralaine. Ate (pronounced Ah-teh) in Tagalog means sister. Because we're family it's normal that we call each other sisters and brothers (Brother in Tagalog is Kuya -pronounced Koo-yah). I'm certain that we will have a lot of selfies as the days go by.

Barcelona Tower, Marikina City- this is where we are staying. 

Viewing the venue for my 18th birthday debut celebration. I'm quite positive that the place will be turned pink on the day. The event will happen in a couple of days time. (To be honest I don't actually don't know the exact date, sometime after the 15th of August me thinks- we are just making final arrangements at the moment).

My throne.

Marikina Hotel- the venue of my debut. 

My cousin Reinmar took me and my two brothers to the Cordova Tower (the condo next to ours) to show the view above. Even though it was only a couple of minutes away, it seemed like an adventure.

These are the picture I took whilst we got to the top. We had to climb up a steep roof slope to get there. I used to have this phobia of heights but I wasn't scared at all- I was just amazed by the view. Maybe another day we could try to go here again at night. 

Jeepney. A common mode of transport used in the Philippines.

Tricycles. These are so much fun to ride on! Since I'm so small I have an advantage of fitting inside.

My lovely familia. They are the most loving, caring and positive people I know.

I had this Buko Milkshake, and it's sooooo good! Meet my long lost sister, Buki, hahaha!

Me had some Halo-Halo at Chowking, Riverbanks Mall. One of my favourite Filipino desserts- it consists of crushed ice, milk, ice cream, jelly and other sweet stuff. I got brain freeze afterwards.

Gotto, a Filipino soup made with rice. In it was a cube of chicken blood. Normally I wouldn't be the type of person to try new food but I ate it. It actually didn't taste of anything. 

Marikina River.

I was taking a photo and the boy was hilarious and made a pose for the camera. In the Philippines it's alright if you take pictures of children. No-one really seems mind. 

Ninang Gie- my aunt. Within the pencil sketch I tried to show some movement.

Here I drew the bunny I saw at the airport in Singapore. I used watercolour pencils to draw this and went for a child-like approach.

30th of July. My other two cousins Faye and Danielle arrived with their family (and also my Dad). It's usually much happier when everyone's together.

Me and my cousin Danielle doing the crabs. Gymnastics at it's best!
Danielle is the youngest cousin from my mother's side and I have so much fun when I'm with her, we have similar minds I guess.

I hope the pictures are enough to fill you in with my adventures, they take so long to upload from the computer!

I am enjoying bonding with my family and also observing everything around me. The most tiniest thing catches my eye and I get so inspired everywhere I go. 
I have missed being here in the Philippines as the last time I was here was 2 years ago; I just want to absorb everything here...even the pollution, haha!

 I will be making another post shortly afterwards about another big adventure. 
 Until next time!

Gianne x


  1. Looks like you're having so much fun! Can't wait to see more pictures ^__^ xx

    1. It's so fun here! I will try my best to upload more pictures, it took me a couple of hours just to upload the ones on this post! I hope you're also having fun in the UK Sami ^_^.