Monday, 2 September 2013

I Have Arrived!

Dear Readers,

This was the moment that I had been looking forward to for quite some time now...I finally made it to the Arts University of Bournemouth! My course (Diploma in Art & Design (and also Media) -Foundation Studies) started on the 2nd of September and we arrived on the 1st, so, as you can imagine, it was pretty hectic when we got back to the UK from the Philippines (the flight being more than 12 hours). I am still getting used to the time here and I'm doing pretty well so far I guess. 

Without further ado I will show you all some pictures, as always (pictures are life!) during my first week at this wonderful and magical place that is called University. 

Beforehand, I sorted out my accommodation and luckily, I found some lovely housemates to live with. From left to right is Alexina, Annice, Marcella & Me. (Sounds a bit like the film Marley & Me at the end there!)

This is Mr. Potter Head, our guardian. I was the one who conveniently gave him that name...I love giving names to random objects.

Ma bedroom. It was quite bizarre how quickly I went from the Philippines to the UK and I think I settled in well in a short amount of time. At a later date I will probably do a room tour when I have more things in there. For the first week I packed only for 5 days, this would save me from being too hectic with the stuff-putting (I don't think that's a word). I'm back home in Portsmouth at the moment to get more stuff, hopefully after that it'll look more full...and pink.

My mother stocked me with some Filipino goodies. It's a shame that most of this is actually gone now :( 


The university campus is considerably small for its size but I like it this way. I do find it sometimes that I often get lost, I'll get the hang of it eventually (maybe).

At the park which is conveniently close to our house. I really admire the trees.

Some romantic benches at AUB. Except for the beers that is.

Ahhh the library. When we had our induction for the library I completely fell in love with the place...and also the books! (Books are also life). I'm sure I will be spending quite a lot of time here hiding away in the bookshelves. 

A quick outfit of the day. Tried to re-create the ribbon thing in my hair similar to the one displayed on my shirt. I know it's not winter yet but the frame suited to what I was wearing. 

This is what I have to bring with me to uni for most of the time. A nightmare to carry whilst walking!

Breakfast is served! It was quite weird for the first few days having to go shopping and making meals for myself. The reason why I'm not used to this is because we normally make our meals as a family and so I'm kinda like a first-timer. There's a first time for everything I guess!

This was on Wednesday when had our first drawing session. During the first session we had 30 minutes to draw something of our choice around the campus (along with any medium) and consider mark-making. After that we had to tape our drawings to the wall where everyone could see it. Mine is the one on the far right (displayed in the photo above) where I used charcoal. Our tutor talked through each one of them with his opinion of it, and I was the first one he picked on. Lucky me :P.

We had another drawing session after that, again for 30 minutes after our tutor gave us some examples of mark-making. I drew this bike, motorcycle, (whatever it is) as it caught my attention. I worked with graphite/ pencil whilst also listening to music and eating my lunch.  

This is Alexina drawing when we were sat outside in the glorious sun eating lunch.  

This is a group selfie with Annice and Alexina before I left to go home back to Portsmouth for the weekend. 

Not much happened during the first week other than inductions, filling in forms, enrolment, lectures/ talks and drawing. I've heard that the project starts next week, so hopefully there will be some excitement going on! 

I am quite enjoying living away from home as I'm experiencing my independence. I've made quite a few friends but it was a bit awkward at first I have to admit. Generally, people here are nice and friendly and the atmosphere around campus is quite relaxed. I shall have to inform you all about my experiences as I go along the weeks and try my best to keep you updated.

Good day old chap!

Gianne x

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