Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Strange And Magical Night

Hello everyone!

So last time I posted something on Blogger I was just at that stage of putting up my exhibition work and finishing last little bits of my sketchbook work. At the last minute before hand-in I kinda panicked and got a little bit stressed. I didn't know if the work I produced was finished (there were quite a few gaps concerning annotation). But at least at that time my book was being printed. And I was panicking like a headless chicken crying my eyes out, trying to get everything done! 

The main point of writing this blog post was because yesterday was the private viewing for the gallery exhibition of our course, Preparation for Higher Education (Foundation Diploma/ Extended Diploma). The course that I have just finished is just an extra year before starting a degree to help develop and build on my skills. Finishing the course has definitely helped me to become more confident and I think I also discovered my sense of style. 

At this point I have also realised that I have written too much. Let me just show you some lovely pictures of what happened during this strange and magical night…

Oh, I also received an award! Exciting times! I guess all that hard work paid off- all those times going to visit Gerald the library early in the morning (my housemate called it that because I started getting attached to it!), being sleep deprived, buying lots of books for reference material and living on potato smileys I guess really does pay off. 

If anyone is around the Bournemouth area please do visit our group exhibition- there are lots of exciting and fascinating work that have been produced and there is so much diversity and uniqueness in each of our spaces. Please pretty please do go have a look to see for yourself. If anyone is curious to know where my space is, look or ask for Passiv Haus (the room on the right). My children's book is called Home- pretty self explanatory really, once you read it. It will make me the happiest person ever if you did look at my book! 

For those of you who live overseas and far far away, here is a preview of the first 15 pages of my book:
(I have to admit there are a couple of mistakes but I really did work hard with this book, I guess you learn from first mistakes- it is my first ever book that I have ever made, so please consider it!)

Here is the link showing the details of the show, from our university website:

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