Saturday, 16 August 2014

Screwin' Around

As the title really does suggest, I have been pretty busy screwin' around. Mostly doodling, which is good in my case I guess. I have been a lot more pro-active in a sense too, maybe because I'm counting down the days till university starts all over again (no really...I have, even started using my pink academic diary and everything!) Ughhhh, what a nerd.

Anyways, I currently completed doodling in the sketchbook that my university sent me. So considerate of them to send their students a summer sketchbook; I feel so loved.

So yeah, just a load of doodles, mostly observational drawing around the house, adding bits of me wee old imagination. And apologies for the quality coming from the iPad...we have no scanner (or Photoshop) at the moment, and for some reason the DSLR would not focus on my drawings!

Take care and thank you for reading,


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