Sunday, 12 April 2015

Experimental Week

Another somewhat hectic week has passed, probably due to the fact that deadline is fast approaching!

I started off the week by mind-mapping the possible ways I could experiment with different materials on post-its, because they're just fun to use!

After the brain-storming sesh I set myself 3 different types of media to work with within a day, the day after that I worked with 3 new types of materials, and so on...

Being this the last project of the year, I just want to be outside of my comfort zone and try different things out. Last year we had this workshop called 'No Nibs' where we were not allowed to use any kind of traditional nib such as pencils or brushes.

Baring this in mind, I set myself a mark-making exercise to produce as many marks as I could with whatever was lying around the house! (Ok, so I used some traditional brushes, but I couldn't resist!)

Bit of a messy process but was a very fun and exciting exercise!

Being the avid Instagramer I am, sometimes I would accidentally stumble upon wonderful art every now and again and this is one that I found that caught my eye:

I take loads of these Instagram screenshots (as shown above) and when this image was stuck in my head I got inspired from it and created these experiments from left-over lino prints from last week and from my mark-making exercise:

And another Instagram screenshot:

In this experiment I tried making something 3D (inspired by the screenshot shown above), but unfortunately failed miserably. I wanted the vertical strips behind the guitar men to stand but they were just too light to even stand. I might even try a stronger material but then again, I might not even have enough time!

But at least the little guitar playing men stood up! I used some left-over lino, and seeing as they were quite faded, I wanted to make the piece look as if the boy was moving across, hence the repetition. 

I tried overlaying two different colours together and this was the result (the one on the right below is my fave): 

Experimenting with tracing paper and sewing, to emphasize the strings of the guitar: 
(In bright florescent pink of course!)

Again, experimenting with overlaying two different colours with lino (this time using a paint roller instead of stamping and pressing onto the paper with my hands) :

...but failed! The colours kinda made a 'fuzzy' feel to it:

Next week I will be focusing on story development and the writing.

So much work to do. Aghhh.

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