Thursday, 30 April 2015

Locating Practice Finals

Here I am at two in the morning uploading the last few things for the last project.

(Scary stuff!)

Up until this point I don't think I've told what happens in my plot yet!

Basically, as stated in my earlier blog posts, the main theme I wanted to tackle was anxiety and then leading on from that I just began sketching and loved the character with the guitar. This then led me to gather some ideas based around stage fright; one of my fears is talking publicly in front of people so I thought as my character experiences these things in the story, correspondingly I would also go through these changes at the same time, metaphorically speaking. (If that makes any sense?!).

Hand in is later today at 12, but since the project was conducted over about 9-ish weeks overall I don't think the narrative (especially the abandoned text!) is fully developed, as usually children's picture books are created during the course of a year or even more to complete. 

Reflecting back on the work I have produced for this Locating Practice Unit I feel like I have definitely come a little bit out of my comfort zone, trying everything out and just being more experimental with my work- this enabled me to be more free and loose, and just go crazy with it! I had a lot of fun even though it was so much hard work but doing this project made me feel confident about drawing more and experiencing new things that I may be uncomfortable with.

P.S I will definitely continue to develop my story over the summer holidays. Just gonna have to wait until then, or longer to get the whole inside story!

The End... for now.

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