Sunday, 5 April 2015

Norwegian Wood

Another productive week! Starting to get into my project now, in regards to producing experimental work. 

Here are just some photos to summarize the week...

Been making numerous thumbnails, as getting the sequence of the narrative right is quite a difficult task.

Lately I have started using a chinagraph- I find it so much fun to draw with seeing as it's a new medium I have discovered recently. It produces quite lovely marks which is so  different to a pencil. 

As I mentioned last week I was still a bit indecisive about my plot, but having continuously researched a particular type of anxiety, I think I know which route to take. Gonna be all mysterious and not say what happens in my story until the end! Ha. 

I watched School of Rock (which brought back so many childhood memories!) and drew some scenes and characters from the film to help me gather some potential reference material. Within my drawings I tried making it my own and not being overly precious with making it look realistic, but rather in a style I am most comfortable with. 

I have also started making dummy books alongside my numerous attempts at thumnailing. I have decided to leave the writing of the text for now, just focusing on the images because I wanted to take a break from it. Combining the two I find is one of the most hardest things when creating picture books. They have to compliment each other, without the text being too literal; the pictures does most of the work. As you can see I have no title for my story yet! Often it's the last jigsaw of the puzzle for me. 

I found out that I still have some lino left so I thought it would be beneficial to create some experimental work from it! Unfortunately I don't have access to a printing press since I'm home for Easter so I decided to be resourceful and use some stamping ink. I loved carving into the lino as I hadn't practiced this technique in a while!  

I really wouldn't consider myself as a print-maker since nearly most of my past prints have a) either gone wrong or b)that I've burnt something (especially etching!). But trying this easy lino print method that I acquired at home was quite simple, yet effective. I love the imperfections within the prints and it gives it quite a nostalgic feel.

Next week (starting tomorrow) I am going to list down the different ways of experimenting with different media, alongside developing my narrative, text and so on. 

There's going to be some serious productive weeks ahead as I approach the dreaded dealine. 

Better get my head down and get to work! 

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