Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Line Going On A Walk

Last day of May, so I thought I would get back to blogging again! 

Ever since deadline I have been trying to chill, relax and just breathe, but at the same time I have been pro-active too! Apologies for the absence. Now that I am back, I shall fill you in with exciting stuff (both illustration and life related):

1. I got featured on this children's website that actually launched the day of my deadline! I am a contributor to the site and will upload some more of my work there soon.

2. I had the chance to talk to the lovely Maria Midttun (an ex graduate and tutor from my uni) and she gave me this really cool zine, on how to make a zine! She is so lovely, and really funny too! I had contacted her even before my foundation, and to get to talk to her personally felt surreal. 

(The bright pink risograph above is Maria's)

3. My very good friend, Alea, gave me this picture book called No Such Thing, by Ella Bailey completely by surprise and now I will use it as inspiration for my own work. 

4. I went to the oceanarium for the first time in Bournemouth, and fell in love with the sea critters! Especially this turtle. 

5. I bought the most beautiful illustrated Spanish wooden plate in a sale and I love that it is so quirky and unique, again a really valuable piece of inspiration!

6. I have become a lot more happier, and that itself has made me a much more confident illustrator. And also, removing some negativity has also been an important decision. 

7. I have been more experimental in terms of my style and how I carry myself. Gaining a strong opinion of the world, observing it, being curious and open (which again, I think is quite important for any illustrator).

8. If I can still remember, I still have size 3 feet. 

9. I have entered 4 designs for Oh Deer/ Creative Safari's online card competition. Even if my designs do not get chosen, I will definitely get round to selling them as cards as soon as possible! Please like, tweet and share my design, the competition is still open! (Link:

10. I set up a Facebook page dedicated to my illustration work, promoting children's illustration. A long time coming; I have been wanting to set up a page for years.
(Link: Please give it a like!

11. I still am a nostalgic person, reminiscing about the good things about my childhood. Despite some factors that made my childhood quite dark, such as bullying, I still remember the good things about it, and to this day I am moving forward, keeping a smile on my face.  

12. I am feeling very motivated, excited and enthusiastic about entering my 2nd year at university in late September! I honestly cannot wait. 

Starting tomorrow I am doing something exciting, something that I do annually every year. Something to do with drawing.

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