Thursday, 25 June 2015

2 Years On Blogger!

In what feels like forever, I feel like I have not been pro-active on this blog. On the plus side, today marks the 2 years I have been bloggin' on blogger! Hurrah! Every year I write and make this blog post, I feel like I always have to say thank you to whoever reads/views my ramblings on life and also my illustration work; I would not be here without the encouragement, so thank you. (So sorry about the cheese!).

Since the last blog post a lot of exciting things have happened, and also, the biggie; I just turned 20 (I am scared!). Well, I really do not know what is going to happen in the next couple of years regarding my creative career but I think I would rather just go with the flow and see what happens, that is the beauty of the life after all.

Anyway, enough of me blabbering on, I will just show and tell you some exciting happenings that have occurred this month. 

21st June 2015- ELCAF

So on my birthday I desperately convinced my parents to take me to this years ELCAF (East London Comic & Arts Festival) and it was definitely worth it. I met my all time favourite children's book illustrator, Emily Hughes; I like to call her my queen of Illustration. She is an all round lovely and caring person, and because I have been admiring her work for so long (even before I started my foundation year at university) I was just in total shock and awe that I got the chance to meet her in person. Emily graduated from my university also, and now that she is in the children's book profession I think is an amazing accomplishment- I aspire to be like her one day, writing and drawing for children. She is just wonderful and I cannot believe I met her, I was totally fangirling and she was just so lovely to talk to. Amazing amazing amazing. 

Anyway, I will show you some pictures now!

All I wanted for my birthday were these two books by Emily, and I had no idea that she would be there at ELCAF. I was so surprised; I still cannot believe it. This is probably one of the most creative things I have asked for on my birthday and the cherry/ icing on the cake was meeting my favourite illustrator AND her signing my books. Gahhhh. Eeeeeee. 

Anyway, fangirl moment over.

As always I have been buying books, and reading them sometimes. I even had to discard some books in my room because there was just not enough space. No kidding.

I have also been looking back at my old work and have gained so many ideas.

It is so weird but always exciting to look back and see how my style has changed over time. People often tell me that I have a sense of style, but I myself may be a bit oblivious to it. I still have 2 more years to hone my visual language and I am excited to see what my work will be like then. I cannot wait.

Happy 60th Miffy!

I am still currently doing my 30 day drawing challenge on Instagram, so make sure to follow my creative adventures there, and also my Facebook page for further updates. (Links are on the side also).

2 years on Blogger now and I hope to be blogging here for a while longer.

As always, thank you for reading and visiting my blog!

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