Sunday, 5 July 2015

Work/ Play

I have been trying to relax somehow during the last couple of days since ending my 30 Day Drawing Challenge from last month, and something has been on my mind. I saw a video and it kinda confirmed my question in some way; the question that I have been thinking is: When does work become play?

For me anyway, drawing and being creative just comes naturally, without myself thinking about the creative act too much sometimes. Although that yes, I am forced to work (e.g. whether that be through school work, or someone asking me to draw/ design something), most of the time it does seem fun, and it does not seem like work. Like blogging for instance, for me, this, what I am typing right now just feels natural and I do not really have to force it. 

The point that I am trying to put across is that when I am drawing, or doing anything creative for that matter, I am having fun, and it is something I enjoy. I am quite fortunate that I am pursuing a career that involves creating images. Although that yes, the creative process is sometimes stressful (and at times painful), I would rather go through all of that to create an end product that pleases a friend; something that makes someone happy/ surprised, and most importantly I myself am proud and happy too.

So yes, work does become play in my opinion. Sometimes it can be also be argued that play becomes work too- which is what I am aiming for in the future, as an illustrator.

Anyway, that is the main message I wanted to put across in today's blog post. 
For therapy (and also to just get some fresh air), I bought some objects that I consider beautiful, ones that have caught my eye especially. 

What do you see in this last photo?

Technically speaking, they are just plastic bits of sting, but it is something more than that. 

Oh, the cheese.

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