Sunday, 19 July 2015


Unfortunately, I couldn't find the illustrator of the bright orange-y box for hand moisturizing creams, as shown on the first and second photographs previously. However, the pink perfume packaging above is by French illustrator Charlotte Gastaut. Her influence and design of this illustrated packaging comes from connecting and combining two worlds- Provence and Japan. 

Here is an extract from an interview with the illustrator: 

"The Cherry Blossom collection connects two of my interests, Provence and Japan. To mix these two worlds and find a link between the girl printed on the packaging and the flower, I did a lot of research and I threw a lot of ideas around with L'Occitane. I wanted pure colors, freshness. My goal was to recreate a peaceful and cheerful world. As I'm used to illustrating stories, I decided to tell a story. So I drew the adventures of a young girl growing up in a cherry tree. She sees the tree blossom, meets birds there and lives in a world full of enchantment".

To see more of her creative process and ideas visit the link below.

Just looking and observing around my daily life, I have noticed a numerous amount of illustrated products that are out there at the moment. Especially with product design. I think my main true passion in illustration lies with children's books, but from my observations, I am starting to be more open with other areas and contexts within the broad world of Illustration. It really is a competitive market to be in, regardless of what profession within the creative industry. 

Admiring and looking at beautiful things that I cannot afford.

I'm not complaining though.

I feel like I haven't posted something illustration-y in a while, I have just been busy.

Just keep an eye out, and I will be posting more of my work soon! x

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