Sunday, 30 August 2015

Bourne Into The Wild

I am taking part in an upcoming exhibition in October, called Bourne Into The Wild.
The exhibition itself is focusing primarily on endangered and extinct animals.

For my exhibition piece, I chose to study Asian Elephants. During my research I found out that sometimes elephants are used for their ivory tusks. The issue should be highlighted, as well as other animals in danger, and especially the ones going into extinction. I think the exhibition is a great cause, and I am keen on meeting other artists and their work too.

Composition wise, the piece I created was inspired by a childhood film, and also the cover of a children's book, called The Most Beautiful Place In The World, by Ann Cameron.

The roughs...

...and it's me trying to look all proud because this was my second time doing the piece!
Lots of cheery music that helped keep me going too.

I don't think I've ever drawn elephants from what I can recall, but it was great fun!

Looking forward to the weeks ahead...

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