Sunday, 18 September 2016

My Holiday Sketches...

Long time no blog!

Since school is almost about to start, I wanted to display some of the art I produced on my vacation back home (which lasted for about 5 weeks starting mid-July to end of August). At the time, I didn't really think about the work I was creating, meaning most of the time I was drawing just for the fun of it, and it turned out that I had to carry slightly more art things back to the UK than expected! 

Every time I visit back home, I learn a ton of things- that's a given, every single time. I appreciate a lot more simpler things now because of it. I also got to experience a lot of things outside of my comfort zone during my time there. 

Family, (some) food, adventures, walks, just everything I experienced there was all worthwhile. A lot of fond memories from that place...

^  Whilst in the Philippines I attended a brush calligraphy workshop and learned a ton from that session (I attended just under 4 hours worth). In illustration especially, handwritten type has always been so popular, and is still current and trending now, so I knew I just had to take advantage. We are always being encouraged from our uni tutors especially, to experiment with type and image. Seeing as I love typography/ freehand calligraphy, I learnt a few things from the workshop that I had no idea about. It's just changed my perception a lot!

Anyway, I'll show some actual sketches and documentations from my native land now...

My native home is the most beautiful place!

I wasn't really considering 'style' really, just a lot of playing around with drawing. Being observant and being constantly curious I think are two top important traits to have as an illustrator, and I try to do those within my practice as much as possible. Along with constant practice and patience with materials, I think I'll be able get to a point where I'll be much happier, satisfied and comfortable with my working process. But for now, I'll just keep going and see where it takes me. Trial and error, as they say.

The next blog post will be dedicated to my art essentials during the trip!

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