Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Week 5 & Critique Summary


It was my first time to experience working with the risograph and it was a really fun and enjoyable session. Similar to screen-printing, I just had to fuse together two different layers (both black and white to begin with), which represented the two different colours as the end result. Not for this project specifically, but I would definitely work with risograph again in the near future...

This risograph session taught me the efficiency of the machine, and that prints can be distributed quickly in a short time span. I've been encouraged by a visiting tutor to sell some work online and because of the quick nature of the printing, I will definitely consider this medium as a means of selling my work online.

Below shows a page from a beautifully illustrated book, all done using the risograph (unfortunately, I couldn't get hold of the illustrator(s) who produced it). I was really inspired by the colour choices and the use of plants- going to use it as inspiration as it has those visual qualities that I look for based on my theme: the sea, and the essence of being on an island.


Beginning to think now in terms of colour, and character. I've been sprucing up a potential main protagonist and I've enjoyed visualizing and sketching her so far- she's based on observations from some children I recently met at a family gathering. I want my character to be adventurous, exotic, energetic, and perhaps a little bit mischievous!

I've produced a recent storyboard- but it all seems a bit random somehow in some places, so I need there to be more of a backbone and purpose to my narrative.


The guest speaker last Friday was very influential! Learnt a lot from 'Handymartian'- an illustrator, animator, sound-maker, Martin creates these vibrant, quirky and humorous worlds that are just so visually appealing. Really fun, light-hearted stuff which I loved and admired and he just taught me the importance of always working towards something big, even if the steps are small.

Loved his animation of the 12 planets- where each planet is inhibited by different creatures and there seems to be some kind of fun/ silly situation happening on each planet. An artist filled with brimming and exciting ideas... 


After my mid-way critique there were a few things pointed out about where my work should be heading. Also, here are some general comments made from my coursemates and tutors:

  • Generally, everyone agreed that they liked the movement coming across from my drawings- the gestural strokes in both my digital and sketchbook work.
  • Just give more purpose to the work and just try to move away from less decorative work, which I completely agree with at this point because I have been mostly thinking about just the visuals, and perhaps not maybe the purpose behind the narrative yet.
  • Get a move on with starting the actual finals soon!

Some agreed that the colour palette above was a strong colour palette choice and that I should apply this to my next upcoming compositions. Not too sure about it yet, but I'll keep experimenting further to get more comfortable with it and the atmosphere it creates.

So all in all, I think I have more of a clear direction regarding my next steps. Learning about the parts where I should improve on from my crit was extremely helpful to my practice. To attain more of the 'sealife' experience I should venture and have a walk on the beach to fully visualize and take in the surroundings, encapsulating that nautical and sea like feel...

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