Monday, 5 December 2016

Pre-Major Project Finals

A taster into some finals I managed to create...managed to do 10 in total, plus a rough cover.

Overall I felt I had more sketchbook and developmental work than Photoshop files/ final images but if I didn't do those in the beginning I don't think I would have reached this stage with my finals. Some improvements I could have made (looking back overall) would to perhaps refine my character and her purpose/ direction of being on the island a bit more intensely as I feel like there were a few gaps missing in the narrative.

I think towards the end of this project I stuck well to my theme of the sea/ islands (despite me going off track sometimes in the beginning). I think also not worrying about text in this instance made me more at ease and more comfortable with just working on an image- combining the two can be a long winding process!

But this now marks the end of my Pre-Major project (the 1st project done for 3rd year). Hoping to make more progress with my illustration work in the next upcoming Major Project. In particular though, I want to explore combining both traditional and digital next...

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