Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Rotation Weeks Finished

Another weekly learning journal entry for my foundation course...

Tuesday 15th of October 2013

Today was another experimental workshop day working on Photoshop and Premiere. I found it quite informative as I've never worked with Premiere experimenting with video. The Photoshop session looked at how I could enhance my images further, also layering different layers to create a unique effect.

One of my weaknesses during this workshop was with Premiere as I was quite unfamiliar with the settings and editing. I had most of my video footage on my other camera and on that day I worked with one video that I had with me- this meant that I didn't show a variety of shots and subject matter within my video (it only worked out as a quick piece of experimentation).  To improve next time I would need to remember or store/back-up my work so that I have material to work with on the day.

On the other hand my Photoshop experiments turned out more successfully as I was more comfortable working within this platform. I thought the layering was quite effective and by altering the settings on the photographs (such as brightness, contrast exposure) added more depth. 

Wednesday 16th of October 2013

I had a lecture on Wednesday being informed about the research resources available in the AUB Library site. Again, I found it really informative as I learnt about the different kinds of resources we could use as reference for research tasks. For example online articles, e-books, tv recordings etc.

When researching practitioners there are primary and secondary research.

  • Exhibitions
  • Interview with the artist
  • Attending a lecture by/ or about them.
  • A response through email or questionnaire.
  • Discussing work with their 'authority'.
  • Book
  • Online article
  • T.v. Programme 

When also referencing web pages the following things must be included:
  • Author/ organisation responsible for the website (year)
  • Title
  • State source (online, book, film)
  • URL
  • Access date
Some examples of good sources:
  • Nowness
  • British Council
  • Tate Channel
  • Crane TV
The lecturer mentioned that some of the online articles are quite complex in their language, being aimed at BA students. I think I will aim to read some of these articles just to get used to the complexity, and so that I will be able to understand how to do this when I hopefully come to do my degree next year.

 Thursday 17th of October 2013

Thursday marked the end of the Media project. Reflecting back on this process I didn't have a particular interest in Media and its methodologies.

I also didn't spend enough time on my independent study days to work on my project and because of that I felt that within the project I often lacked structure within my sketchbook work and some idea development. I perhaps didn't work hard enough to get effective results but I have learnt from it- next time to consider organising my time more. This could be done by writing a list down so that I don't loose track of what I am doing, being more focused on the task at hand. On the other hand one strength that I found was my broad range of research to help inspire some ideas. Another one would be following the rule of thirds within my shots to make the image more visually appealing, thinking about how I frame my work and the surroundings. 

Towards the end I wanted to show the aspect of time through sequential imagery, showing development in movement. I did this in one of my final pieces by layering the continuous shots one over another on Photoshop, applying effects and changing the opacity so that the progression of the movements can be seen. The Photoshop session on Tuesday particularly helped create this. 

At this point I have finished the rotation weeks having worked 2 weeks each in the areas of Art, Design and Media. Out of these I mostly preferred Art, still interested within Illustration. Within a couple of weeks I get to choose a pathway to go into and again, I intend to aim for Illustration. I have a particularly keen interest within children's illustration, so from here I should make some broad research and practitioners within this field.

I keep having to remind myself that these projects are based independently and that I have the freedom to choose whatever I would like to do; it differs from college where sometimes we're being instructed on what to do. This means I should strongly consider what I work with so that I have a sustained interest as my project develops. 

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