Sunday, 9 March 2014

Research Week 2

Hello once again, 

I apologise time and time again for my learning journal entries (they're not the most fun thing in the world but it has to be done!)

I hope to post some personal work soon, so watch this space :)

Tuesday 4th March 2014

We had a Photoshop session on Tuesday and basically we were informed how to use type, possibly for the end result for our the final project. I'm definitely considering to incorporate typography within my illustrated book; I've always been fascinated with type itself and to combine this with imagery is quite an exciting way to experiment. I hope that the book I produce will have illustrations that are 'intricately' designed along with the text. I was informed during this session to make the text also as a image, to make effort with the text as well as the illustrations themselves- image and word have to work well together. 

Different type faces can be downloaded from online and in order to make the text work well with image, I have to chose the best suitable font. As informed from the semiotics lecture a couple of weeks ago, the font can be read in different ways. So this means I have to be considerate about my choice of type. 

Displayed in the image above just shows a quick experimentation working with text on Photoshop, showing the different tools to play games with. Some of them do look quite tacky, like the stroke and liquify tool- these would be some to avoid! I quite using the pen tool where I had to draw a line or shape and the text would follow around/ inside it. I could use this technique perhaps around a dialogue from a character, making the page layout more exciting and dynamic. 

Of course the liquify tool wouldn't be useful if it wasn't taken to its advantage, so my friend Anna made these wonderful masterpieces...

Aren't they beautiful?

See if you can recognise them :)

Anyway, on a more serious note, I could explore different combinations of fonts, put them side by side and see which one fits best- compare them before selecting the final font to use. 

Some further experimentation, playing around with textures, opacity and multiply tool (under layer options) to create interesting textured effects. Apologies if I creeped you out with what I had done to Zoey Deschannel. To gain different skills on Photoshop I intend to use in order to produce effective pieces of graphic work.

As for the book itself, I intend to order the book to be printed on Blurb or in the Enterprise Pavilion on our the university campus. The issue with Blurb is that there's a delivery time of about 7-11 days so this means I'm going to have of think ahead of time and get this book illustrated about 2 weeks before handing in for the exhibition. Aghhhhhhh. Talk about stress. 

Different sizes and paper to consider.

Wednesday 5th March 2014

I was just continuing with research on Wednesday and also a had a tutorial. Some targets mentioned would be to:
  • produce some initial sketches- observe and look and children, see how they behave (and not look like a complete stalker!) perhaps this would give me some ideas for a lead character in my book. 
  • interview some children if I have the opportunity, who may have dual nationality or is caught in between 2 different cultures- collects quantitative and qualitative data.
  • visit Waterstones and go to the children's section, see how different illustrators deal with characterization and narrate their stories. One example that the tutor gave me to look at as Emma Yarlett.
  • continue to write daily reflections in the learning journal (which is also this blog)

Friday 7th March 2014

Again, I continued making research but some important points made by one of the tutors would be to consider:

  • Concentrate on the bigger picture- don't just get into the habit of sticking in things for sketchbook work (which I'm totally ashamed of because I've done this frequently).
  • Tone of voice- do you want to evoke a humorous, serious or informative tone of voice?
  • Just experiment and make as much work to produce many ideas, even if they don't seem good. 
  • substance over style.

Different ways  could start on narrating the story:
  • plan and write the events in chronological order 
  • illustrate the picture version of the story.
  • create moodboards.
  • the story could be dictated by the length of the book.
After I got home I went to a nearby park and started drawing children playing,discreetly of course (I just hope I didn't look creepers!) It was quite fascinating to watch them having a mind of their own, they can't seem to stay still for more than 10 seconds so I had to draw quite quickly! Not my best drawings but, I quite like the sense of movement I guess. 

Analysing the week itself...

What has been achieved?
  • I think for the most part I think I gathered quite a lot of research- including children and migration, narrative and colour theories, different devices used within children's picture books, etc.
  • started drawing on location to gain some initial first ideas.

  • my broad range of research, having sourced from different sites- websites, tv broadcasts, books, e-books.
  • started to vaguely plan out the narrative (but needs yet to be written down on paper)

  • fell into the trap of sticking in research in my book frequently and not actually getting on with the important tasks needed for the project.
  • lacked experimentation work this week, was too focused on building more and more research.

Improvements/ next steps
  • produce experimental work, try using out different media.
  • continue observing and drawing children in in order to understand their behaviour and mannerisms (again, by not looking like I'm a stalker of some sort!).
  • produce some initial character sketches of the lead character and others.
  • draft the plot in bullet points/ timeline.
  • visit the children's section of bookshops and libraries to gain an understanding of how illustrators deal with characterization and narrative.
  • if I have the opportunity, speak or interview some children concerning dual nationalities/ dealing with 2 different cultures (ask family friends). 

I feel like I'm not trying my best yet, I have yet to 'up' my game. Hard work is needed. A lot of it because time is running out. 

I also updated my workspace this week, particularly my 'inspiration board', so this might get me more motivated to work. 

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