Thursday, 10 July 2014

May The Force Be With You

Although I was born a summer baby, I can't take all of this heat! I'm getting so many headaches, either that, or my eyes can't take the sunlight rays of light. 

Now that it's summer and have no work to do most days I've just been looking at my ceiling, just gazing, and also cleaning my room (which soon enough I know it'll get messy again). And also playin' around with my guitar, don't really know how to play it properly, but I'll see what happens over summer. 

Something came by surprise this morning and it turned out to be my result from Foundation! 


It was the first time actually seeing my results, I didn't want to open the provisional envelope because I had so many gaps in a few of my sketchbooks; I am so OCD when it comes to annotation and presentation. But putting that aside now, I am so happy!!! All that hard work really did pay off. So relieved right now. And breathe Gianne, breathe.

Before I start making you bored of me talk, I wanna get to the main point of this blog post. 

Like Yoda once said, "May the force be with you". For a while now I've learnt that I can't control anything or anybody; I just have to let things happen naturally sometimes because I don't have magical powers like Yoda. But, I can focus on what I can control, and that is myself. 

This was documented a couple of months ago, during October, a few weeks into my foundation course, courtesy of my housemate Alexina. I felt weird, but happy in some cases to be able to watch this back, seeing how persistent I can be. 

P.s. I will try my best to illustrate and upload some personal work soon. 
And that is a promise. 

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