Monday, 30 June 2014

30 Day Challenge (2014)

Having now reached the end of June, I didn't think I would go on this rollercoaster of a journey. Here comes the cheesy-ness again! I had no idea during the beginning, I had no preconceptions, no plan, no nothing. I just took each day as it progressed and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Of course there were those times where I felt like crying, mixed the with hyper, crazy dancing around in my room times. Everything was kinda just thrown at me. So many unexpected surprises came to me and because of that I feel more excited and happy about my future; I am always looking forward to something. I took a lot of risks during the whole month of June, and I honestly think they do pay off. Following my instinct a lot also was a important thing I did and doing this makes me feel more motivated.

Before I start writing a 500 word essay, let me just summarise in bullet points:

What have I learnt?
  • Making mistakes can be a good sign. I've tried not to get too carried away by them. It's all part of the process.
  • Taking risks are scary, but once I adhere to them, so many good and exciting things can happen from it.
  • Not to compare myself to others. I have learnt to see myself as an individual and have learnt not let other people change who I really am as a person. I am a lot more confident with my decisions and have been more independent.
  • Sometimes happiness doesn't always mean depending on other people. I have learnt to make myself happy and liking my own company, but also, spending time with people that are close to me makes me feel balanced as a person. I like spending time alone as well as with my family and friends. 
  • Not to let fear get to the better of me. I should have more faith rather than be constantly scared and worried all the time. 
  • I have learnt to love 'happy accidents'. The unexpected moments and surprises. Sometimes they are the best things in life.
Anyway, I should really hurry up because it is nearly midnight and I want to publish this post!

I will see you soon again! 



  1. Hi Gianne. I was wondering, May i use your photo as a drawing reference (photo number 4)?


    1. Helloo, yes you may, as long as the photo isn't posted elsewhere I'm fine with you using it as a drawing reference :) -Gianne.