Sunday, 7 December 2014

Under The Sea

Before the week ends (and before I forget!) I just wanted to document the last project we got given, which only lasted a couple of days. The brief was called The Imagined Landscape, where again we could work collaboratively in groups.

I paired up with my friend Alea and together we decided on an underwater themed landscape, selected a colour palette, and this is what we came up with:

Considering we only had a couple of days working on it, I thought our outcome turned out well. I think despite having two different styles of drawing I think both our work combined as a collage was quite effective and everything kinda compliments each other in the piece. I quite like the fact that we worked with a circular base and not just the typical rectangular one; we wanted the things growing out of it to make the drawing appear more alive in some way. 

I've learnt from my mistakes within the last unit and I'll try to take more risks within the next one. I just feel like I haven't made anything particularly that I'm happy with or proud of so far, so with the next unit I'll try to be a bit more creative and try different ways and methods of working. Oh, and I'll also keep in mind to be a bit more experimental! I feel like within the Introductory Studies unit my work was sometimes safe. 

I guess being in the first year in my degree I should just try everything out and see what works best for me.

I know I keep saying I'll post some personal work soon's the Christmas holidays soon so hopefully I'll have a bit more time to draw!

Ho, ho ho!

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