Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Fanzine

Despite this new brief that was set last month, finally I've made something to show on my blog.

This project is all about producing a zine based on a topic that I was aligned with, mine being feminism. With this subject being quite broad and open itself, I started by reading about the topic in general. Afterwards I just began experimenting with collage, seeing what I could create with some materials at hand. 

Here are a few examples:

Zines in general usually have that 'cut and paste' feel to it and this is what I wanted to portray. I definitely want to show more hand-made elements within my work, hence adding some stitch work as shown above.

Even though I have resourced these found images from fashion magazines, I think intentionally I wanted to somehow mock and make fun of some these attractive young models. At the moment I am leaning towards the route of body image and self confidence within women as often they may be confronted with unrealistic images, due to how the media portrays them. 

Here I have photocopied the collages to a smaller scale and made a dummy zine just to see what it would turn out like:

Shown below is just me experimenting with some initial drawings I produced. Nowhere close to a pro looking stop motion, just me playing around:

To move my project forward, I intend to include a variety of examples of women differing in size and not just the stereotypical skinny models being portrayed as shown from my collages above. 

I think typography would be also something I would like to experiment with, perhaps referencing some quotes from newspapers or other sources on women's body image/ confidence. 

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