Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Slowly but surely I am starting to produce more and more work for this fanzine project! 

Here's an edit on some experiments that I've created:

I'm just eager now to just push myself and create more experiments for this project. Looking back at my last few collages I was portraying quite idealistic and attractive models, but now I'm going down the route of making fun of these unrealistic portrayals of women in magazines, which is quite fun itself. 

One of my weaknesses is that I am a slow worker, so I really need to get on with making more and try to pick up the pace a little! 

At the moment I have scanned all my collage work and I am beginning to layer and incorporate typography on Photoshop; I am intending to do more of these just to produce work quickly and effectively, also it gives it a nice balance between hand made and digital.

This is a link to my Pinterest board which I have drew my inspiration from my collages:

I have no idea what my next step of action is, other than produce more experiments.I think I just want to surprise myself and see what happens!

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