Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Even More Experiments!

More experimentation for this fanzine project...

Started making more mock-up zines, also playing around with some of the colours on the photocopier. I really like how the pink one turned out (because it's my favourite colour!)
I'm not sure as to how big my zines should be yet, but maybe I could do two different sizes...since I have to produce 4 copies of my final zine. 

We had this workshop where we could trace some images from magazines/ newspapers using black makers, making quite interesting compositions- this was perfect because I could link this to my zine and take it further. It was just a really quick way of producing a lot of work. 

As I was tracing against the window in our studio I love how some of the pink shapes overlayed with the drawing, so I decided to take some photos of it :)

I have discovered that the more collages and work I make, the stranger it becomes, which might be a good thing?

I'm at the stage where I am beginning to think about which images make it to my final zine and also starting to experiment with layering on Photoshop.

Been quite a productive week so far and I just want to keep going!

And I still have an essay to finish. Great.

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