Friday, 13 March 2015

Week 2 of Locating Practice

Being this a fresh new project, I started off the week by drawing some character doodles in my mini A5 sketchbook:

(Apologies for the quality of my drawings, how I've edited them is not displayed the same on this blog as I did on Photoshop!) 

I've been drawing some possible male protagonist sketches as I think my last project based on Feminism was beginning to take a toll on me...I did so many collages of women so I thought change might be good.  Plus, I find it more challenging to draw the male.

I also watched this animation called Eleanor's Secret which was about imagination and the power of books and reading. It was quite a good film with some stunning visuals; I drew some stills from the film and got tons of inspiration!

 In terms of coming up with themes for my children's book, a theme that I have started to look into is anxiety. At a young age I've had some experiences of it (up until now actually) and I just thought it would be a good thing to look into as this would make my narrative quite personal. Knowing that this might probably be a delicate topic to deal with in a children's book, I intend to write and illustrate this metaphorically, and not representing things too literally. 

On Wednesday I had a drawing workshop called 20 Things, which we had to illustrate 20 objects consistently. We were instructed that we didn't have to draw the objects exactly as they were, but in our own unique style. I decided to work with a colour palette, consisting of 3 different colours.

I started off by drawing the objects then filled the background in a square but my tutor said that it distracted the image, which was understandable, so I just drew the objects as they were afterwards. 

My final piece from the workshop:

After the workshop I attended the evening life drawing class, so that meant I pretty much spent the whole day drawing!

On Thursday the 12th was the opening of the Jerwood Drawing Prize in my uni's gallery and  I also attended a panel discussion on drawing and the mark-making process, one of the guest speakers being Charlotte Hodes, whom I've been inspired by her pottery and ceramic work. 

The discussion itself was quite intriguing; a few things that I noted down were that sketches almost act as notes- drawing can be used to get rid of the 'boring stuff' when it comes to generating new ideas in order to get to a thoughtful conclusion in the end, being surprised by the final outcome. Mistakes are part of the process so keeping them is quite valuable. I like how Hodes talked about how she uses digital line in her work, which can in some ways replicate what a pencil can do, but what differs them both is that digital files can be undone, and that it can be worked on again at a later time when saved, whereas the analogue is more permanent.

There were some really lovely pieces from the show and I hope that one day my work will be up to that standard! I couldn't believe that some of them were actually drawings.

So that pretty much sums up my week, quite a productive one to say the least. I bought a new sketchbook today and I thought I would try a landscape one seeing as I've never tried one before. I'm excited to actually get going on my project now and have fun and draw in my new sketchbook! 

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