Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Long Mural

Being this the last week of this project, and with what the sun still making an appearance, I thought I would just go crazy and go paint outside, based on the four images I chose as my finals from my narrative! And also, because I didn't get to experience the 'Explosive Workshop' this year where we could just paint on a giant paper canvas I thought I would create my own, but on a smaller, wider scale. 

Despite it raining, the wind blowing my work everywhere and with the weather being so unpredictable, I managed withstand all of that to finish my very first mural! (I went inside when it rained!) I chose carefully from Wilko's finest selection of wallpaper and selected this colourful one as it goes fittingly with my colour palette scheme. 

(Please excuse the childish Hello Kitty jumper!)

I had never done anything like this and I enjoyed painting it SO much. It was such a joy to paint and it just made me a very happy person in the end, when I decided to step away and call it finished. 

Surprisingly, this mural took me a couple of hours to complete! I had never painted anything this wide before. And it was so out of my comfort zone as well. 

This is gonna sound really cheesy, but it felt like a dream; I've always wanted to make my own mural. Putting this in context, I could see this mural being painted in children's bedroom's, nurseries, shops and hospitals, but on a much larger scale. I hope that one day I get the opportunity to paint what I just did for a future potential client!

An illustrator can dream.

Here is a video of my mural, as it captures my mural in a different light (P.S. Sorry if it doesn't work, and also about the quality!):

The piece itself was inspired by Saul Steinberg, based on this youtube video:

Like a line going for a walk. 

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