Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Playing With Clay

Following on from Paul's lecture on children's books, (and being the child I am) I played around with this dress-up game/ app on the iPad for kids called Fairy Tales by Toca Boca.

I became really intrigued by how technology has become so interactive for children, and that they could easily get distracted by this (I certainly was, anyway!)

This then led me to see how I could push my character further, making it come alive in 3D, as opposed to a flat illustration on a sketchbook page.

After the clay had dried, I painted it with acrylics to make my character come to life!

When placed at the right angle, my character can actually stand up on its own (for a couple of seconds, that is!)

Although quite a tricky process, and because the clay quite hard to work with, that made it more challenging and fun to make my character!

I'm beginning to relax slightly and having fun with my project, despite the looming deadline that faces me tomorrow.

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