Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Ram On

So hard to keep up with blogging on top of doing my uni project because the deadline is so soon (literally have to hand-in the last project of the year tomorrow!)

Considering the things discussed in the tutorial with my course leader, one of the things I have to consider is colour palette.

Here I was just putting together colours I thought complimented each other, on Photoshop:

Finally, I have started the finals and these were just the roughs to go along with it.
It's always fun to see the roughs and planning before the actual finals!

Drew these really quickly and loosely:

Attempting to make a final:

Then adding textures:

And then adding text with the textures. To be completely honest, I've given up completely on the writing of the story and the text itself, so I've only been focusing on the pictures in past week!

 Below I was playing around with the placement of the text and how it could flow on the page. Please excuse the obvious piece of text stated!

Uni trip at Pick Me Up, Somerset House, London. A contemporary Graphic Arts/ Exhibition fair & exhibition.

Really, really, really inspiring trip! There was so much to see exciting and vibrant things to see on display and just everything was amazing!

I like how this artist -Laura Callaghan)draws so beautifully (and neatly!) in her sketchbook and was inspired on how she uses a limited colour palette:

A bold and experimental way of making characters:

One of many things I was asked to consider was negative space and line weight, and below is an example of how I could use a shadow of an object (or anything at all) and combine a bold line without giving away too much:

Everything was just too cool for school!

Really love the fun, vibrant colours.


Love the use of shapes, and again limited colour palettes.

My most favourite part of Pick Me Up was the exhibition space, from a group pf lovely artists (printmakers and illustrators) called Niles Collective. Their display boards shows a 'Thought Train' where one person starts of with an idea with a piece of artwork which then leads another artist creating something related from the last artist and so on. 

To explain it more simply, this is what was stated on their exhibition space:

"Our thought train depicts responses to an idea as it is passed from one person to another in an attempt to illustrate the organic and haphazard journey ideas can take".

Such a cool and inventive idea!

A Guest Train where anyone can draw and continue creating work based from the work of the previous artist:

I was really tempted to buy another children's book to add to my ever growing collection, but forced myself not to this time.

Instead, I bought this riso print made by the lovely Alice B from Niles Collective.  She was so lovely to talk to, and because her ram and Paul McCartney print kinda related to my project, I thought this would serve more inspiration to feed into my work! Again, she uses a limited colour palette.

"Ram on" was what Niles Collective had to say.

Good advice!

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