Sunday, 18 October 2015

Editorial Workshop/ Marina Muun

We had this editorial workshop last week where we had to respond to a politicians speech. Thinking loosely, we were tasked to produce at least 10 ideas from one of two of the speeches listed, not being too overly precious with the drawings.

Below shows some quick doodles of my ideas. Summarizing the speech, the main point was to make a more kinder society around politics- being more connected with people and acknowledging the diversity in Britain. It mentions a lot about house prices/ inflation too, being unbalanced, unstable, so that's why I've drawn a few houses below...

Marina Muun Lecture

A graduate from our Illustration course, Marina Muun, came in for a guest lecture where she talked about life after her university graduation, her commissions from different clients and also her process. It was really inspiring; I had been following her work for a while, so it was so lovely to hear her talk in person. 

Having looked at her work and her preliminary sketches below, she is such a conceptual and imaginative illustrator. I was amazed by her idea generation and she really did inspire me to be a bit more delicate with drawing and to be more creative minded in terms of concept.

She's managed to find a way of working that works for her, and I hope I can get to a stage like that at some point in my illustration career.

Feeling inspired, I can't wait to make more progress with my project...

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