Sunday, 31 January 2016

Portsmouth City Museum Sketches

Seeing as my location drawings from my last unit proved to be quite helpful, I thought I would do the same within this unit too. One of the places I haven't visited is my local museum back at home in Portsmouth so I thought I would give it a try. I found out that there was an exhibition on children's television, showing memorabilia and nostalgic pieces on display- and seeing as I'm basing my narrative for children, I figured it would be worth visiting! 

I found it quite difficult drawing whilst inside the museum as people wanted to view the items on display, so I just took photographs alongside and finished drawing some more at home. As well as the main children's television exhibition, there was also a section on the history of Portsmouth upstairs and additionally gave me some more ideas and inspiration for the items that my character could steal in my story.

I couldn't quite believe that I haven't been to this museum before (either that, or I can't remember going here!). I'll probably try visiting again if I get interested in future exhibitions on display.

It felt quite refreshing drawing items I actually saw in real life rather than just referencing from the internet. Maybe I'll incorporate some of my findings in my experiments and final pieces of work...

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