Sunday, 31 January 2016

Initial Drawings & Character Development

After debating on a protagonist for my story, I finally ended up with an old badger as a lead for my narrative. Initially, I was going to have the badger just coincidentally finding misplaced objects that he somehow comes across in his everyday life and then taking these home, until he realizes that he can't keep everything. But since the underlying themes I picked were stealing and honesty- the 'stealing' part of it didn't come across during a group critique I had, so I've had to change it so that my badger character is a little bit more mischievous in the beginning, stealing items from other animals.

In a nutshell my story goes:

Badger steals items & belongings from other animals

He keeps hoarding the items, keeping them stacked in his room (because he's a lonely badger, he ends up finding a stray cat and keeps it, as a companion)

He eventually comes across these lost item posters- which animals claim they've lost and they appear everywhere he goes. 

The badger feels guilty for his actions and his home no longer becomes a livable place, so he then decides to give them to their respective owners.

With the remaining items, he goes to lost and found and returns them.

No one seems to have lost the stay cat so he keeps it in the end, as a reward.

(it's still a work in progress but that is the undercurrent of my narrative)

I feel I'm slightly behind, work-wise, but I thought that creating dummy books would help with figuring out the plot-line (which from my experience with creating picture books in the past takes numerous times to get right!)

...back to the drawing board.

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