Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Group Tutorial Feedback & Improvements Made

This was a while back, but from my group tutorial with fellow classmates and tutors, I had to present some animation experiments I had conducted so far.

From the feedback I got, the majority of my classmates and tutors said that they liked the hands interacting with the paper cut-outs I made (from the record sleeve experiment, pictured below)- and to just keep experimenting, deciding whether to make the cut-outs move by themselves or interact with the hands. I think adding the hands does give a realistic quality to the animation, making it more playful and make it look like another world is interacting with the flat cut-out illustrations. 

Another comment made was to change the record album in the beginning to Elvis as one of the tutors mentioned that I had illustrated a record of Elvis on the floor. With that in mind, I think I didn't make it clear enough that the character in the beginning is Paul McCartney- so another improvement to make would be to make it clear who the main character is. 

Considering what was said, I removed the Elvis record and actually just made the album cover on top of the pile more vague, without a name on the sleeve.

Earlier on in the project, I didn't have much experimentation work of Paul playing what he is best known for from the Beatles- which is the guitar/ bass. Regarding this, feedback mentioned was to perhaps think of ways to show the change of interest, with his preferred instruments.

The backgrounds showed above looking back now were a bit too 'showy' and distracting against the character in the foreground so it wasn't surprising that I got critique on that part. 

Since that time though however, I have experimented taking the trumpet away (pictured below), and replacing it with the guitar. From my research I found out Paul soon later discovered he could play with his left hand side better, and made this easy transition by flipping and drawing him facing the opposite direction.

Going back to the hand interaction element again, I did show a rather embarrassing clip to the group (one of my old experiments) using paper hands- and from hindsight I knew it it would be picked up upon, compared to the real ones. So from then on, I've stuck with the real ones and it's turned out better as shown below:

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