Thursday, 28 April 2016

Paul McCartney & The Beatles: Final Animation

Finally, after weeks slaving away on stop motion I'VE FINISHED!

It's nowhere near perfect but I'm both (surprisingly) sad and relieved this unit is over. I do feel proud, and I thought it was impossible in the beginning to make an animation. After taking over 1000 photos it feels good seeing my characters move on the screen, after slaving away moving things ever so slightly every time. Of course there are things I would like to have improved if I had a bit more time, such as lighting, perhaps making things move more in time with the music, but overall I think I did well in the end, considering it being my first proper animation. 

After testing out shooting in the studio with the photography lights, I found it too artificial and harsh, and so I decided to go with natural lighting in the end, as I thought the light changing was more endearing in a way- I like how it doesn't need to be clean and neat-looking. I did enjoy this project (it would have to be my favourite unit from my 2nd year) and might (perhaps) even consider working with animation again in future projects, if relevant. After showing the video to some friends, I got some feedback that they learnt something about the Beatles, which I think is an achievement! I hope the characters I illustrated come through the screen, as I tried to draw them with their own personalities.  

So below are the links to the animation!

Just need to relax now until my animation screening...

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