Sunday, 23 October 2016

Dressing-Up & Drawing Workshop (With Lisa)

Tuesday's workshop earlier during the week consisted exactly what it stated- dressing-up and drawing (coincidentally!)

The first-ish part of the workshop consisted of us just drawing some props and clothes that were placed in front of us on a stage, thinking about use of composition, mark-making and the expression behind it.


After the drawing came the fun part of the session...dressing-up!
Working in pairs we just had to think up of different, dynamic ways of posing out scenarios with the selected pieces of costume- again thinking about expressing emotion, the gaze. We also even had the chance to work with Polaroid cameras (my first proper time using one)- which made the session even more fun in itself... 

The main thing I learnt from this session is to not depend so much on borrowing images found online; use your own images and do the pose yourself, express and embody what you are trying to express in your own art and just to have fun with image making.

Apologies about the self indulgent post! (illustration is meant to be a self indulgent practice anyway)

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