Sunday, 16 October 2016

Summarizing The Past Week...

Just a quick summary of the week itself- it was pretty hectic (but luckily not too busy yet!) Just getting into the rhythm of my project- although ideas still need to be refined further.

I started off by painting digitally on Photoshop, based on one of my sketches in my A3 sketchbook- it's based on the legend of the selkies (as my intended project so far is going to be nautical/ sea themed). Perhaps not suitable for children, but just had a go at playing around digitally:

-Jonny Clapham's Character (Mascot) Workshop-

Our brief for this workshop (run by alumni Jonny) was to create a memorable 'cute' as they say, but creepy to an extent mascot that represents an essence of our student life at university. This mascot had to embody our experience within the uni somehow, making it relatable to our other coursemates too, and I think it was meant to be character that could be contributed to our grad show next year.

My group- made up of myself, Ana and Tiffany, made a jellyfish lamp with running legs to signify the student rushing late into school. The lamp part was supposed to represent the act of needing light itself; important in times of pulling those all-nighters. I took pictures of our final character in context, and after making its own Twitter account (@BlopJellyfish), we had fun as a group making up its back-story and the voice behind the character. The tutors said that they really liked how we were tweeting live whilst other people's presentations were being held- giving that idea of being in the current age of technology where every move or action is being recorded on the internet.

With much luck and after tons of drawing and character building/ development, we won second place! It was a fun workshop and I learnt a lot from it. Mainly, just keep a character simple in shape and form, and not to add too much detail to ensure that the character as an endearing quality, having an all round appeal. 

Our prizes! (1/3 of it)

Life drawing on Wednesday evening:

Still got a long way to go with drawing the human figure until I can be satisfied with my results. I am always so conscious about proportions etc, that I think I just need to keep at it and practice. Still got a lot to learn, but here's to hoping that next week will be another productive week ahead!

Planning ahead though, I need to justify and testify clearly who my lead character is in my project-drawing upon her features and her motives...

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