Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Too Kewl For Skewl

First of all, my apologies for not blogging over the past few weeks. I've been working on my summer project for uni, planning to do a blog post on it soon when it's all finished.

I feel like I've been away in what seems like a year, but nonetheless I am back my lovelies!

I'm ashamed of not posting and doodling lately, I feel all guilty! Guess I'm just enjoying the break. Anyways, thought today I would post something to prove I am indeed alive. 

So uni is starting soon and I'm both excited and scared as with anyone going into school.

Here's a list of...

What I'm scared about:
  • The work. As with any new project I get all anxious at the beginning and all the hard work that inevitably comes with it. Foundation was fun but now that I'm going into higher education the work is bound to get harder every year. 
  • Coming up with ideas. I know, this one's quite a strange one but I always worry whether my ideas seem exciting and original. I'm always aiming for my work to have at least some fun and exciting stuff added in, so in return I'm also having fun experimenting along the way. 
  • Essays. Don't even get me started. I just don't understand why we have to do all these typed up essays when I'm  doing a visual course, I'm not the most intellectual sounding typing person and sometimes I wonder if a lot of what I say makes any sense sometimes. I'm just going to have to pull through with this I'm afraid.

What I'm excited about:
  • Meeting like-minded people. Luckily our campus is filled with other creative people so it's quite easy to make friends. A lot of people I've made really good friends with during my foundation year are sadly going away but I'm also looking forward to meeting and making new friends (hopefully for life...best friends forever, all that kind of thing).
  • Using my arty materials. I just can't wait to get stuck in, put my head down and get to work. Painting with a brush with one hand and snacking on chocolate with the other. I'm not sure if this will happen but I'll try! Also can't wait to fill in those brand new sketchbooks!
  • Going to the library. The library was my best friend last year and I can't wait to carry books all over again and look all nerdy like.

Well...uni starts next week. Not gonna lie, I'm more excited than scared, as I've mentioned on this blog for the hundredth time. 

Can't wait to share my adventures with you all! 

See you soon, 


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